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Intel® Core i7™ processors-push
your rig as hard as you push yourself
Great Gameplay is just the beginning
The latest Intel® Core™ processors let you play as fast as hard as you
want, and still take advantage of seamless mega-tasking. That means
you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, real-time broadcasting in
high-re, and the ability to capture, edit, and share your gameplay for
later-all smoothly and simultaneously.
Intel Gaming
Virtual reality is here, and you can get the speed and power to revolutionize how you experience, share, and enjoy gaming. Support the latest VR headsets. Get stunning 4K graphics, the highest clock speeds, and over clocking.

Shop Intel® Gaming Products
Intel Gaming
Boxed Processors
From gaming to multimedia, unleash maximized performance for your most intensive jobs and leave the competition behind. 
Intel Gaming
Solid State Drives
Be unstoppable. Simply add a high-end SSD to your Intel® Core™ i7 processor for even faster loading.
Intel Gaming
Get the speed and power you need to dominate with the powerful Intel® based desktops. They offer immersive screens and premium performance.
Intel Gaming
Get portable over-the-top performance with laptops powered by Intel® processors and equipped with a wide range of options to suit your needs.
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